Home Depot Credit Card – Log In or Apply

Home Depot Credit Card - Log In or Apply

Home Depot Credit Card – When it pertains to residence renovation materials and services, Home Depot remains a popular choice among customers. Whether you’re working on a modest remodelling or a huge construction project, the Citi® Home Depot cards allows you to keep the connected spending separate from your regular purchases.

Home Depot Credit Card - Log In or Apply

Home Depot Credit Card – Log In or Apply

After successfully logging into the Home Depot credit card registration, customers will be able to manage the account’s operations, get discounts, and browse financing possibilities for both consumer and commercial transactions. Furthermore, after successful authorization, you will have unfettered access to your account, allowing you to review your credit history.


  • One significant benefit is the unique financing packages accessible to cards, which allow you to make substantial purchases & pay them off gradually with little or no interest.
  • Cardholders frequently receive reminders about limited-time promotional events, which may save them money for improvements to their homes or everyday necessities.
  • Furthermore, having a Home Depot credit card can offer you extended return periods and simply comes back making it easier to replace or refund things if necessary.

How to Log in to your Home Depot CC Account?

To get a Credit Card login, go to the Citibank THD website at citi/home depot. Within the allocated login box, fill the following fields:

Home Depot Credit Card - Log In or Apply

  • Go to https://citiretailservices.citibankonline.com/RSnextgen/svc/launch/index.action? or Home Depot Credit Card
  • ID: To remember your ID, use the “Remember My ID” checkbox.
  • Enter your password and press the Sign On button.
  • If the login credentials are typed improperly, you will see the notice “Something you entered wasn’t right.” Try again, or obtain the ID or passcode. After numerous failed attempts, we will freeze your account on the internet for 24 hours.»
  • If necessary, you can reset your ID or password.

How To Get Your Home Depot Credit Card?

To obtain a CC, navigate to the “Credit Service” page at the top of the website homedepot.com/Credit_Servise. Choose one of the four credit card options: customers, project loan, professional Xtra, or commercial.

Consumer Credit Card

To begin applying for the selected card, click the Apply Now button located beneath the exact card’s information.

  • Enter your name, MI (optional), email address, and phone number, then hit Continue.
  • Enter the street address, town, state, or postal code, and then click Continue.
  • Fill in your place of residence status, monthly home payment, total annual net revenue, birthday, and SSN, then hit Continue.
  • Review all of the information supplied and click Continue if all is right.
  • Please carefully read the Account’s Terms. If you agree to all of the conditions, check the box labeled “I have reviewed and consented to all of the claims outlined above (required).” 
  • Tap Submit Application. Within a few weeks, you will get the decision on your application.

Project Loan Credit Card

To register, select Apply Now. Follow these instructions:

Home Depot Credit Card - Log In or Apply

  • Write Full Name of MI (optional), Date of Born (MM/DD/YYYY), Social Security Number , Gross Yearly Income ($), Email 
  • Address, mobile home line (optional), and business phone number (optional).
  • Check the box to indicate if you accept the conditions.
  • Fill in the following Address Info fields: street address, suite/apartment number (optional), city, state (choose from the list), and postal code.
  • Choose a response to the question, “Will you be submitting with a co-applicant?”
  • If required, choose Language Options and then hit Continue.
  • Take the following three steps: Review, Offer, Agree, and Activate as directed. Upon completion, the CC request will be registered.

ProXtra(Commercial Affairs Account) Credit Card

To register, follow the same steps by tapping Apply Now. This action will take you to your bank’s portal, where you must fill the following fields:

Home Depot Credit Card - Log In or Apply

  • Write the legal business name.
  • Enter a Doing Business As (DBA) name.
  • Provide contact information.

Home Depot Credit Card Customer Support

Contact us by phone:-
Mon-Sat 6:00 am – 1:00 am ET
Sun 7:00 am – 12:00 am ET


  • Technical Assistance
  • For TTY: Use 711 or other Relay Service
  • Outside the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, Call Collect

Contact us by mail:-

P.O. Box 7032
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7032

Payment Adresses:-The Home Depot® Consumer Credit Card Payments
Home Depot Credit Services
P.O. Box 9001010
Louisville, KY 40290-1010PO Box 70600
Philadelphia, PA 19176-0600Home Depot Credit Card - Log In or Apply


The Home Depot consumer satisfaction survey provides an excellent place for customers to express their thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, this company takes every one of input to provide excellent products and services.In order to foster company growth, the organization also provides incentives to people that participated in its feedback survey. So, take a time out of your hectic schedule to fill out the survey and a possibility of winning a $5,000 Home Depot shop card.

Home Depot Credit Card FAQs

  • Who owns the Home Depot?

Craig Menear serves as the retailer’s current CEO. However, its parent corporation is Home Depot Global Inc.

  • Why should I fill out the questionnaire if I work for Home Depot?

If Home Depot staff obtain high evaluations, they will be given additional bonuses or other incentives. However, if an employee obtains a lot of negative feedback, they will face penalties.

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