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Home Depot Employee Login – MyTHDHR is the Residence Depot’s online employee site. It is available at www.MyTHDHR.com. Employees at Home Depot may use the website to monitor and adjust their work schedules, view the payroll, and stay up to date with business news.

Home Depot Employee Login - Official Login - MyTHDHR

Login MyTHDHR enables employees to check MyTHDHR Your Timetable, My Life Inside, and supervise their benefits online.To take advantage of all Home Depot perks, you must first log into the MyTHDHR (Home Depot Associate Login) system.

Benefits Home Depot Employee Login

1. Medical Benefits:

You may access your medical services through MyTHDHR. Benefits include:

  • If you are handicapped, you can benefit from your disability insurance.
  • Home Depot provides life insurance in addition to your work.
  • Purchase Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage for yourself and your family.

2. Financial Benefits:

Home Depot provides a range of financial perks, including:

  • MyTHDHR provides a Future Builder 401 (k) plan to preserve your future.
  • Banking along with direct deposit benefits for your work. This makes payments and transactions easy.

Terms and Conditions

Please follow these terms and conditions for accessing Home Depot employee information, including user ID and password:-

  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.
  • A genuine email address.
  • JavaScript is enabled.
  • Broadband Internet or WiFi connection.

Steps to Accounts Registration Process

Discover how to simply construct one with the steps outlined below:-

  • First, go to the official associate benefit registration page by choosing Live The Orange Life here.
  • A link labeled “Are you a new user?” has been added underneath the “Register” button. Click on it.
  • To validate your identification, provide your SSN’s last four digits as well as your birth date.
  • Click the next icon and proceed through the remainder of the procedure.

Sign in self-service to current employees.

To log in as an existing specialist, go to mythdhr.com/ESS.html and choose Current associates, then click Here to access your account at the bottom. You may also visit homedepot.com/ESS-Current/logon.

  • Choose your place of business: Shop (store with the 4 symbols) or Another Location.
  • Enter Identity (AIS ID or LAN ID).
  • Enter Passcode
  • Click Login.

Login for Former Employee

#1. To log in as a previous specialist, visit https://homedepot-ad.com/mythdhr-ess or Home Depot Employee Login

Home Depot Employee Login - Official Login - MyTHDHR

#2. Write the whole name.

#3. Date of birth (MM/DD)

#4. The last four (4) letters of your SSN or SIN

#5. In the Protect Word area, type the characters displayed in the thumbnail (tap Try Another). If you are unable to see the image, choose Try Another.

#6. Tap Continue to Security Validation.

Forgot your portal credentials?

Reset the MyTHDHR Employee Username:

#1. Go to www.MyTHDHR.com and choose the login page.

#2. Now click the choice. I forgot my account and password.

#3. Then I will be provided with answers and given information like your complete name, year of birth, and employee number.

#4. After you have entered all of the information accurately, click the “Submit” button.

#5. If you do not receive the “Forgot Username” option. Then you might reach your human resources director or the consumer care line.

MyTHDHR Login Forgot Password Instructions:

#1. Visit the official website, https://thdsaml.homedepot.com/ext/pwdreset/Identify?AdapterId=StandardHTMLFormExt.

Home Depot Employee Login - Official Login - MyTHDHR

#2. Select the ‘Kronos Time, Attendance, and Schedule’ option.

#3. Then, navigate to the “I forgot my password/username” option.

#4. Now, click the Reset Password option.

#5. Then, input a username or email address, whichever is linked/registered in the worker’s self-service login site MyTHDHR.

#6. After that, remove the reCaptcha and hit the Submit button.

#7. You will get an email at your allocated email address with instructions to reset your username and password.

#8. Click the link then enter your new password.

Home Depot Employee Login Customer Support

You can contact the MyTHDHR customer care staff. The following are the contact information for the MyTHDHR service team:

  • General Assistant: 1-800-555-4954
  • HR Services – 1-866 (866-698-4347) 
  • Call 1-888-744-0753.


Home Depot workers access the MyTHDHR self-service site. This site allows employees to simply manage their work days and related activities online. With over 4,000,000 employees, this gateway benefits both the corporation and its employees. Read this page to learn how to utilize MyTHDHR’s login portal services.

Home Depot Employee Login FAQs

  • When does Home Depot close?

Home Depot closes on Monday thru Saturday around 8:00 p.m. Additionally, it closes at 6:00 PM on Saturdays.

  • Why should I complete the survey if I work at Home Depot?

If Home Depot employees receive positive ratings, they will be offered extra pay or other incentives. However, if a staff member receives a significant amount of damaging feedback, he will face sanctions.

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